Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AstraZeneca Vaccine Hub?

The AstraZeneca Vaccine Hub is an online portal that enables you to submit a FLUMIST® QUADRIVALENT (Influenza Vaccine Live, Intranasal) order form to your distributor. In addition, you can sign up for the recurring order option to receive a FLUMIST order for future seasons.

Can other office staff use my Hub login information?

The portal is secure. No one can access your account unless they have access to your username and password. Also, accounts cannot be combined or linked.

Thus, it is encouraged that the employee responsible for purchasing vaccines creates the account for practice.

Why is prebooking FLUMIST important?

AstraZeneca plans FLUMIST QUADRIVALENT production based on historical information and current season prebook orders. We strive to produce an accurate amount to ensure each customer receives their FLUMIST order. Prebooking is an important part in securing your FLUMIST order for the season to avoid being waitlisted or delayed. However, in-season orders are accepted while doses are available.

How is FLUMIST supplied?

FLUMIST is supplied 10 doses per carton. For example, a 100 dose order would be delivered in 10 cartons. Each carton is 7" (length), 1 1/8" (width), and 4 1/2" (height). A shipper case holds 160 doses (16 cartons) and is 14" (length), 9 3/4" (width), and 4 1/2" (height).

What happens to the order after submission?

Once the FLUMIST order is submitted, the order form is sent to your email for you to sign electronically using DocuSign. Once the Order Form is signed, it will be sent to your distributor directly. The distributor will then send an email confirmation confirming your order. Lastly, you may be contacted to confirm your order.

The details of your FLUMIST order will be saved on the Order History tab within the Hub.

Will terms change after I submit my order?

When you prebook your FLUMIST order, the price and discount are secured for the season. For any subsequent orders you place during the season, you’ll receive the same pricing terms.

I need to update my order after submission, how can I do that?

If you need to increase your order, it is best to submit another FLUMIST Order Form within the Vaccine Hub. The pricing terms you received on the first order applies to all subsequent orders.

If you need to change other details within your order, please contact your distributor to update the order.

I signed up for Recurring FLUMIST Orders, how does that work?

The Order Form you completed for this season will be duplicated for the next season. When FLUMIST Early Prebook Order window opens, you will be contacted to confirm your FLUMIST order quantity. You will not need to submit another FLUMIST order if you opted-in during the prior season.

Who do I contact if I need help?

If you need assistance with your FLUMIST order or resources, please call the AstraZeneca Customer Care Center at +1-800-221-1638.